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If you are looking for a quality bag to haul your many tabletop rpg books, look no further. Our bags are all handmade in the USA and constructed to stand the test of time. This tabletop rpg tote bag is perfect for your tabletop gaming needs! Not only can this bag hold 4-6 full sized hardcover rpg books, it can also hold many other tabletop gaming items; folders, character sheets, dice, etc.

* Quality construction from high-quality polyester suede, heavy duty canvas and cotton fabrics.
* The bag measures 11.5"x4.5"x9"
* Two 2" wide black handles - strong enough to hold more than 6 hardcover rpg books.
* Lined with black cotton fabric - you won't see rough edges on any of our bags!
* In stock and ready to ship within 48 hours.
* As with all of our products, this bag was handmade in Mesa, AZ, USA.

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