Wholesale Custom Embroidered Dice Bags

Red King Co.

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  1 color embroidery thread design 2-5 color embroidery thread design
Custom Dice Bag $10 per bag $11 per bag
- Plus a one-time $25 artwork set up fee - 
(Reorders of the same design will not be charged the set up fee.)


HOW DO I ORDER?: After you submit your quote request (by clicking the "Get a Quote" button above), we will review the provided artwork to make sure your design is suitable for embroidery (If we have any concerns about the artwork we will contact you). Once the artwork is approved we will provide you with a digital mock-up of your finished dice bag design and pricing for your order via email.

HOW DO I PAY?: Once you approve the final design, we will send you a detailed invoice via PayPal, which includes PayPal Buyer Protection on all transactions.

PRODUCTION: Once you pay for your order it will be added to our queue. Most orders will ship within 1-4 weeks after your order is received. Turnaround times vary depending on order size and how many other orders are ahead in the queue. You can contact us for more specific lead times.

SAMPLES: If you would like a sample of the completed, packaged bag before placing an order you can request a sample bag be shipped to you for the cost of the bag ($10 or $11) and the artwork setup fee ($25).

SHIPPING: - All wholesale orders qualify for free shipping -
Orders will ship via USPS or UPS. Shipping notifications and tracking numbers will be sent via email once the order has been shipped. All orders ship from our office in Mesa, AZ.

PRODUCT PACKAGING: Each bag will be packaged in a clear bag with a header card and labeled with a “Custom Dice Bag” barcode. (example below)

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DESIGN SIZE: We will adjust the size of your design to fit the bag perfectly. The design is generally adjusted to fit a 3” - 3 ½” square.

IMAGE TYPE: Think of embroidery as a paint-by-number with thread. Gradients (shifts from one color to another) don’t work, because each area is made from a single color of thread. For this reason, photographs, sketches and 3D-rendered images are typically unsuitable for embroidery. Depending on the image, we may be able to clean it up in Photoshop.

IMAGE RESOLUTION: If your original image is at least 200 dpi at the size you want the design, we should be able to drop it directly into the embroidery software to make a design. If your image is lower resolution it may or may not be suitable for embroidery.

FILE TYPES: We recommend sending your artwork as a .ai or .eps. We also accept .png .jpg and .pdf.

FONTS AND TEXT: Remember, your text and fonts will be created out of thread, so you want to take precautions to ensure your text is not too small to be embroidered legibly.

FONT HEIGHT: In order for text to be legible it must have a minimum height
Recommended Minimum Height: 1/2"
Acceptable Minimum Height: 1/4"
Not Acceptable Height: Less than 1/4"