Mithril Holographic Dice Bag

Red King Co.

  • $20.00

Mithril Holographic Dice Bag

Exterior: Prism holographic spandex fabric
Interior: White Broadcloth
Cord: White
Cord Lock: White

This silver spandex fabric has a silver shattered glass holographic finish, it shimmers and shines brilliantly with even the slightest movement.

* This bag holds over 20 standard tabletop RPG dice sets (more than 150 dice)!
* The bottom of this bag measures 4"x4" and stands 6" tall.
* The squared base allows the bag to stand open and upright for easy access to dice.

* Mithril holographic spandex fabric.
* White broadcloth fabric interior.
* White cord lock closes your bag tight so you won't spill or lose any dice.
* White drawstring made from quality 550 nylon paracord.

*Please note all images are as close to the real product as possible. Due to different display settings, computers and mobile devices might display colors a bit differently.
* Dice are not included.

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